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Second chances

Sometimes life gives us a second chance to get things right and hopefully we take it. I’m a firm believer that God gives us endless second chances if we will just choose them.

Giving people a second chance doesn’t mean you are naive or that they are necessarily deserving of a second chance. They could have wronged you or hurt you deeply but by giving them a second chance, you are actually being the bigger person and accepting the fact that people are human and can make mistakes. However, they can also change and may not be the same person they were years ago.

Giving someone a second chance can make you stronger because you also grow in character. You see, when you surround yourself with the right people that motivate you to be better then everyone changes for the better.

My whole life I’ve tried to teach my children and family that God loves us even when He knows that we have done things that aren’t so pleasing to Him. I, myself, have learned by trial and error too many times to count. But Psalm 103:14 says “For He knows how weak we are; He remembers we are only dust.” That means He knows our frailty but He also knows our potential. We are worth a second chance and so much more. That’s why God sent His Son to die for us to give us a second chance at life.

We are all human and we are all going to make mistakes in this life. The only way we are going to stop making the same mistakes is by learning from them. When we learn from those mistakes, we become stronger. Then we are able to grow and give others a second chance just like we were given.

Second chances are really about forgiveness and redemption. If God Himself thought they were worth the price paid by His Only Son then shouldn’t we be giving people a second chance too?

There’s nothing more exciting than watching a good game and the underdog making a comeback to win the game. There’s also nothing more beautiful than seeing someone who has lost their hopes and dreams get them back, with a greater determination to get things right, all because they got a second chance.

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