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Thankful for a strong mother

As a strong-willed child, I unfortunately learned the hard way on just about everything. Therefore, I often seemed to knock a knot on my head or knock the hide off my knees, but my strong mother would come to my rescue, fix me up and I would be good to go again to learn another life lesson.

As I look back on my childhood, I see all the defining moments that molded me into the woman that I am today. Those defining moments seemed to revolve around my strong mother and for that, I am truly thankful.

Because I had a strong mother, I learned my own independence and how to speak my mind. I learned I didn’t have to depend on anyone but myself. However, I learned I better not leave God out of the picture.

My strong mother also knew the importance of education and she pushed me to get good grades, but she also encouraged me to express myself through literacy. Now I love to write and hopefully one day I’ll write the children’s book that’s been in my head for 30 years.

My strong mother also taught me to respect others and myself. I wish more mothers would teach this today.

Because I had a strong mother I understood how love felt and the bond between a mother and child. I also understood how families were supposed to love and help each other because I had the example of a strong mother.

Most of all, I learned how to survive because of my strong mother. Even through some of the hardest times in our lives when my daddy and grandmother were dying, my strong mother never quit. She never gave up. She never stopped tending and taking care of everyone and she taught me I could always rise above any situation and shine again, just like she had done for herself.

So here’s to my strong mother because I understand there is so much more that goes into becoming a strong mother.

We become strong, even stronger every year, and that is the testament of our love for our children that they too will become strong men and women. May this strength be something we stand in awe of as it teaches us and our children and our children’s children.

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