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Drug-fighting awareness brought to area youngsters

Muskogee County Deputy Sheriff Bryan Jones and his K-9 partner, Tibo, brought an important message of drug awareness to the students at Checotah Intermediate School on Oct. 29.

Jones and Tibo bring a K-9 Drug Awareness Presentation to Oklahoma children in hopes of educating them about the negative side effects of drugs and how they affect the brain. Though Jones struggles with lower interest and funding, the fact is Eastern Oklahoma’s McIntosh and Pittsburg Counties have been officially designated as high drug trafficking areas for prescription and methamphetamine.

One of the causes may be that there are two major interstates in the area - U.S. 69 running north and south, and Interstate 40 running east and west.

The nation has a severe drug problem.

Jones, a 1981 Eufaula graduate who has been in law enforcement for 34 years, knows this all too well.

He currently works for Muskogee County Sheriff’s Department that allows him to proceed with his educational program to combat the drug epidemic in the surrounding counties.

Tibo, has been Jones’ partner in crime for 10 years and, though retired, he still loves to work for treats and is by Jones’ side 24/7.

“It makes for a great bond and our communication is phenomenal,” Jones said.

“Tibo keys in on things I don’t even notice. He loves seeing kids and his behavior totally changes when they are around. I wish I had a hundred more years with Tibo. We’d have our work cut out for us, but we’d still be in there fighting for our young people, head on.”

In the interactive presentation, Jones explains to students the effects of dopamine in a person’s brain and how it plays a major role in our reward-motivated behavior.

Jones explains how people get hooked on drugs, including cigarettes and marijuana, because these pleasure pathways are created by using these drugs over and over again.

“That’s why when people stop using drugs, they often go back to them because they become addicted to that feeling. So we have to get these kids to never start.”

Jones, who has no children of his own, just wants to help all the children that are seeing things on a daily basis that they should never see in their homes.

“I just want to scoop them all up and never let them experience these terrible sights because I don’t want them to grow up accepting and expecting that same lifestyle. It’s sad and it’s frustrating but Tibo and I know every child matters! So we will keep working to save every child until we take our last breath.”

This drug-fighting dynamic duo will be at Eufaula Creek Nation Head Start at 10 a.m. on Nov. 14 doing their part to bring drug awareness to McIntosh County children.

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