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New code enforcer stipulates ordinances

There's a new code enforcer in town.

Adam Arden replaced Shane Alverson almost four months ago and has been working hard to enforce city ordinances. Arden was working in the maintenance department when the job for city code enforcer opened up.

"I love doing anything that makes things look better, especially for our city, and working with the maintenance in the past was a satisfying feeling," Arden said. "All the city departments have done many projects that have really made this town what it is today."

Arden remodels houses as a side job and has experience with constructing commercial buildings so the code position was the perfect job. Arden is a Checotah graduate and of Northeastern State University, where he received his degree in teaching. However, he thought this job would be something he could really enjoy.

"Expectations and reality are really far apart when it comes to this job. In the code enforcement world, it would be an astonishment if everyone had their yard mowed on the same day. But we all know that is impossible,"he said.

Controlling the grass and trash ordinance is definitely the most time consuming for the City of Checotah. It is a process that takes time to get yards mowed after giving a violation. As a reminder, it is a city ordinance to cut the grass all the way to the city streets, even if you have a ditch on your property.

"When someone asks me, what I do now? I tell them names, phone numbers and addresses. All three play a big part of code enforcement."

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with the position of code enforcer with the city. Building permits, utility inspections, and maintaining the ordinances are the primary tasks. The maintenance department and Arden are currently tearing down condemned houses.

This opens up properties to new opportunities and adds to the beautification of our town.

Arden wants all residents to take notice of City Ordinance No. 206, which states all houses and businesses are required in the City of Checotah to place numbers on their addresses. The numbers are required to be no less than 2.5 inches in height and the official number needs to be in a conspicuous place near the front entrance.

This is to ensure better response by emergency departments and will be enforced by the city code officer. If numbers are not visible, a violation will be given.

"I am a patient guy and do my best to work with the people of our town. Just remember I’m not the bad guy, because I will work with individuals to make the situation right. I’m really enjoying my job and I'm proud to be the new City of Checotah code officer.

If anyone has any questions about codes or ordinances please feel free to contact me at 918-689-0242."

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