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Historical Impeachments

Historical Impeachments

Watching the Senate hearings over the past weeks I am happy to see historical arguments being made by both sides. As I have said, the Constitution is purposely vague, and it is no different when it comes to impeachment.

Jason Hicks

Did you know? In Oklahoma, 2nd degree burglary is technically a non-violent crime

On too many occasions, I have had to console a family after their privacy and security were stolen by a burglar. Second degree burglary is technically a non-violent crime under Oklahoma law, but anyone who has come home to find their home ransacked knows it feels violent. In these cases, they are fortunate that only things, not lives, are taken, but the trauma is real and regaining peace of mind is an arduous task.

Second chances

Second chances

Sometimes life gives us a second chance to get things right and hopefully we take it. I’m a firm believer that God gives us endless second chances if we will just choose them.


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