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Fall Forum underway

Fall Forum underway

Each year, the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy (OICA), the statewide voice for Oklahoma’s children in shaping better policies through our governmental systems, holds an annual conference to discuss those issues on the forefront of greatest need.

Thank You

The family of Jim Hart would like to thank everyone for their kindness and prayers during this difficult time. It was greatly appreciated.

Historic election?

Historic election?

“In this historic election.” How many times have you heard this over the past two weeks? In truth, there are some historic elements. This election had the greatest number of votes cast in history. Is that historic or population growth? It’s also a higher voter percentage than we have seen in some time, but nowhere close to the highest. A woman on the winning ticket is most definitely historic, so much in fact that I am stumped on how to make a comparison. This past week most of the attention seems to be on Trump’s refusal to admit defeat. But that is not historic either. Many have called this the most important election in our lives, whereas, in fact, it is just the most recent.

Budget breakdown

When we talk about education and appropriations, many Oklahomans think we’re only talking about K-12 schools. This week, I’d like to break down state education funding in the budget and the various agencies under the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Education. While some of the entities within this subcommittee also receive federal funding, we’re going to look at the state dollars that go into education. The Education Subcommittee receives the lion’s share of all state funding - 51.2 percent of the total state appropriated dollars, or $3.9 billion for Fiscal Year 2021.


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